This is the list for currently supported Commodore Amiga games. You shouldn’t need any configuration to run these games, you only need the disks (adf) and use the name in the code column.

This is an example of valid disk files

retrox/amiga/Shadow of the Beast/beast1.disk1.adf
retrox/amiga/Shadow of the Beast/beast1.disk2.adf

Note the use of the names battlesquadron and beast1, according to the table those codes will help RetroX detect which games are, and it will use the configuration that was already tested for RetroX.


Game Code
A New Adventure: Fayoh 2 fayoh2
Acsys: Autonomous Cybernetic System acsys
Aerial Racer aracer
Air Ace II airace2
Alien Breed alienbreed
Amiganoid amiganoid
Ants: The Masses Against The Massive ants
Argus argus
Assimilation: Caffeine 2 assimil
Astrokid in the Battle of Planet Funk astrokid
Aztec Challenge aztec
Bagitman bagitman
Balder’s Grove balders
Batman The Movie batmanmovie
Battle Duel: Striving for Glory battleduel
Battle Squadron battlesquadron
Biplane Duel biplane
Black Dawn blackdawn
Blitz Bombers blitzbombers
Blood Fest bloodfest
Bob’s Garden bobsgarden
Brutal Homicide brutalh
Cadaver cadaver
Cannon Fodder cfodder
Cedric and The Lost Sceptre cedric
Chuck Rock chuckrock
Creatures to the Rescue creatures
Diamond Fever: Amiga Plus Edition diamondfev
Doctor Strange 2: The Return of Doctor drstrange2
Dogfight v1.1 dogfight
Donkey Kong dnkong
Dr. Mario drmario
Drip drip
Fayoh fayoh
Fire and Ice: The Daring Adventure of Cool Coyote fireandice
Flashback flashback
Flimbo’s Quest flimbosquest
Furball furball
Gods gods
Head Over Heels hoh
IK+ ikp
Jaguar XJ220 jaguarxj220
Jim Power jimpower
Klondike Deluxe v1.1 klondikedel
Knights knights
Knock Out 2 knockout2
Land of Genesis logenesis
Liquid Kids liquidkids
Lotus 2 Turbo Challenge lotus2
Lotus 3: The Ultimate Challenge lotus3
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge lotus1
Mayhem mayhem
Metal Law metallaw
Motorola Invaders 2 motoinv2
Movem movem
Nibby Nibble nibby
OnEscapee onescapee
Ork Attack: The Return orkret
Pac-Man ’96 pacman96
Parachute Joust parachj
Pinball Dreams pinballdreams
Plat-Man platman
Pod pod
Pong ’91 pong91
Prince of Persia pop
Pucman Worlds pucmanw
Push ‘N Pull pushpull
Putty putty
Putty Squad puttysquad
Racing Maniacs rmaniacs
Rick Dangerous rick
Risk risk
Risky Woods risky
Roketz roketz
Roll or Die rollordie
Santa & Rudolph Do Christmas! santarud
Sensible Soccer sensiblesoc
Shadow of the Beast beast1
Shadow of the Beast II beast2
Shadow of the Beast III beast3
Snow Bros. snowbros
Soccer Kid soccerkid
Space Taxi 3 staxi3
Spatial Hyperdrive spatial
Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe speedball2
Squamble squamble
Street Racer streetracer
Super Obliteration soblit
Superball Z superballz
Tanx tanx
Teenagent teenagent
Tetris Pro tetrispro
Tetrix: The Next Generation tetrix
The Chaos Engine chaosengine
The Last Ninja Remix lastninja
The Pharaoh’s Curse pharaohs
The Real Popeye realpopeye
The Unusual Case of Doctor Strange unusualcase
Transplant transplant
TurboRaketti II turborak2
Universal Monster unimonster
Virtual GP Patch virtualgp
War in the New Era Solar System warinthenew
Wibble World Giddy: Wibble Mania! giddy
WiZiO wizio
Wizzy’s Quest wizzyquest
Wormout 2097 wormout
Xenon 2 Megablast xenon2
Zaxxon zaxxon